More development headed for Mission Bay

Area could accommodate up to 550 more units of affordable housing, Warriors hotel project

The redevelopment plan for the 300-acre Mission Bay area is maxed out, but amendments are in the works to allow for a few more major projects, including a 129-room hotel proposed by the Warriors next to their brand new Chase Center.

New renderings for the Warriors hotel project were presented Thursday night to a citizens advisory committee and the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure, which oversees the area, will discuss the hotel and other proposed Mission Bay projects Tuesday that go beyond the current development limits.

Nadia Sesay, executive director of the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, said in a memo to the commission that “some developers and OCII have expressed interest in increasing the entitlements to develop additional projects.”

Amendments to the current redevelopment plans, which date back 21 years, are required since all the development currently allowed under them “will soon be fully built out.”

Alexandria Real Estate has proposed a 150,000 square foot mixed-use life sciences building on a vacant parcel they own at 1450 Owens St. and the Golden State Warriors want to add a 129 room hotel with 21 condominiums adjacent to Chase Center, according to the memo.

OCII staff have also “preliminarily determined” that 550 units of additional housing “could be delivered.”

For the additional development to move forward, the “appropriate environmental review” will need to occur and The City, including the Board of Supervisors, will need to approve amendments to redevelopment plan documents.

Last month, the Warriors submitted to OCII a design for a mixed-use project of 129 hotel rooms and 21 residential units on the northeast side of the Chase Center on Blocks 29-20. The project “would include a number of amenities, including restaurants and a spa,” the memo said.

The blocks are not currently zoned for a hotel.

“OCII staff is currently reviewing the proposed project,” the memo said. “OCII staff anticipate any design approval and document amendments could come before the commission in the first quarter of 2020.”

The proposed 13-story, 160-foot high, mixed-use hotel would be operated by SH Hotels & Resorts, an affiliate of Starwood Capital Group, and be located on the northeast corner of the Chase Center site.

PJ Johnston, a spokesperson for the Warriors, said that the “new hotel will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood and will well serve Chase Center, UCSF and visitors to the growing Mission Bay community.”

He added that the presence of the hotel would help small businesses around the arena and improve safety with the 24-hour activity.

Alexandria Real Estate declined to comment Friday on their proposal to build the 150,000-square-foot mixed-use life sciences building at 1450 Owens St., a vacant parcel, also known as Mission Bay South Block 41/43 Parcel 7.

“Adding more entitlements for commercial space would also include increasing allowable height and potentially other design controls to ensure appropriate massing at this site,” the memo said.

On the housing front, OCII said that they have maximized “housing units on each site to advance the delivery of this critical resource” and that they have an “insuffcient” amount under the existing plan to be able to develop affordable housing on parcels Block 12 West and Block 4 East.

“OCII staff is analyzing what steps, including height increases, might be necessary to add up to 550 affordable housing units on these two remaining parcels,” the memo said.

The memo said that the “transformational” development of Mission Bay has built nearly 5,800 homes, of which more than 20 percent are affordable housing units. When development is completed under the existing plan it will have resulted in 6,514 housing units with 29 percent affordable.

The amount of leasable commercial space built to date is 3,375,839 square feet out of the total planned 5 million.

Current plans include a 250-room Marriott hotel that is under construction and expected to open in the fall of 2020 and a new San Francisco Unified School District opening school by 2025.

The redevelopment plans crafted in 1998 were intended to transform the 303 acres “of underutilized land owned by Catellus Development Corp (at the time a subsidiary of Santa Fe Southern Pacific) into a thriving new San Francisco neighborhood.”

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