Sept. 11 anniversary leads to beefed up security in San Francisco

Transit riders and ballpark fans may see additional security this weekend for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Officials say there have been no specific threats in San Francisco, where several public events commemorating 9/11 are planned, including at the Civic Center on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon at the 49ers Opening Day game, the Giants-Dodgers game and Opera in the Park in Golden Gate Park.

“There will be a large amount of people coming to The City … and we plan to have the necessary resources to serve the public and keep them safe,” San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield said.

The department, however, will try to minimize overtime, Dangerfield said.

“Passengers definitely will see more presence around the BART system,” said BART police Lt. Kevin Franklin, manager of the transit agency’s security programs. He said both uniformed officers and support staff will be more visible, as well as bomb-sniffing dogs.

BART is partnering with federal authorities, including the Transportation Security Administration, which has teams trained in detecting explosives and unusual behavior. The groups will be conducting operations on trains and in stations this weekend and into next week, Franklin said.

BART also is re-emphasizing its public campaign asking passengers to report suspicious activity.

At San Francisco International Airport, TSA security operations also may be stepped up.

Although a TSA spokesman refused to discuss details about any possible increased security at SFO, airport spokesman Mike McCarron said “the average traveler will not notice anything different, other than a few more uniformed officers in the terminals.” McCarron said there would be no security-related delays.

San Francisco’s most visible icon, the Golden Gate Bridge, “remains at a heightened state of alert at all times,” Bridge District spokeswoman Mary Currie said. “We will be mixing up and doing a few extra things, but nothing we can get into specifics about.”

Officials for the 49ers and Giants similarly stressed that security at the games would be at appropriate levels.

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