See where David Chiu and David Campos are raising money for their campaigns

There is a lot of talk about the Davids in the California Assembly District 17 race and from where their campaigns are raising money. When the “where” is discussed, it often means what types of groups are donating cash. 

But that does not get to the heart of the physical location from which David Campos and David Chiu, both current San Francisco supervisors, are receiving their respective donations. Using the information the campaigns filed with the state, The San Francisco Examiner created heat maps based on the ZIP code associated with each donation.
As you can see, Chiu's donations mainly came from the Bay Area, though there are also funds that flowed in from Los Angeles and the East Coast.

Campos' campaign also predominately raised money in the Bay Area, and there is money from the Los Angeles area and the East Coast as well. Campos also has funds from Phoenix and Dallas.