SamTrans riders can expect scheduling changes starting Sunday

SamTrans will be changing the scheduling times on ?nearly 40 percent of its bus lines this weekend to improve service.

Every four months, the San Mateo County transit agency adjusts bus schedules to address issues with on-time performance and to increase efficiency, according to spokeswoman Christine Dunn. During the latest adjustment, SamTrans reviewed its lower-performing lines and determined how their schedules could be tweaked to better meet the needs of riders, she said.

“The problems are usually pretty specific — like a bus being consistently late at one stop, or not getting certain students to school on time,” Dunn said. “We take a look at our scheduling and see how we can make the appropriate changes.”

As part of the latest review, 19 of SamTrans’ 49 bus routes will have slightly different schedules, including Route 292, which brings passengers to San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Terminal.

All changes will begin Sunday, and passengers are being advised to visit SamTrans’ website to figure out which lines are being altered. The changes only pertain to scheduled arrival and departure times and will not result in any route alterations or detours, Dunn said.

These changes are separate from a larger overhaul of SamTrans’ bus operations. Faced with looming debt obligations and a litany of duplicative service, SamTrans is considering consolidating, modifying or completely eliminating some of its bus lines. The plan also recommends enhancing service in some parts of the Peninsula, particularly along ?El Camino Real.

SamTrans is currently collecting feedback on its major service plan. Those changes could potentially take effect this year.

SamTrans carries about 41,000 passengers every ?weekday.


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