S.F. Democratic Party endorses proposed soda tax ballot measure

San Francisco’s Democratic Party voted Wednesday night to endorse the ballot measure that, if approved, would add a tax to sugary drinks sold in The City


The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted 19-2 to back the soda tax. Committee members Tom Hsieh, who is working as a consultant in opposition to the proposal, and attorney Arlo Smith, were the two votes against supporting the measure, according to Maggie Muir, the consultant of the measure. The Democratic Party slate card is considered one of the most influential endorsements.

“The San Francisco Democratic Party supports the soda tax as an important tool in the effort to reduce consumption of sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages that are contributing to the explosion in diabetes and obesity that are harming the health of our residents,” said Leah Pimentel, vice chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. “The Democratic Party is taking a strong and early stand on this important public health issue that is disproportionately impacting communities of color in our city.”

The endorsement comes days after supporters celebrated the results of a recent statewide poll suggested there was sufficient support to pass such a measure

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