Rust-damaged support structures on Golden Gate Bridge set to be repaired

Rust-damaged stabilizing steel plates on the Golden Gate Bridge are set to be repaired as part of a $475,000 maintenance project.

During routine inspections this month, workers noticed that two sets of wind locks — plates that help transfer lateral wind forces from the span to its towers — were suffering from extensive corrosion. The wind locks are damaged on both the north and south towers.

While seismic retrofitting work on the span’s towers is slated to start at the end of the year, the corrosion is significant enough to warrant a separate project that should begin sooner, said Mary Currie, a spokeswoman for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.

To fix the corrosion, crews will need to design and assemble temporary support structures for the wind locks. Finding a way to access the locks — located underneath the bridge’s roadway — will be the most challenging part, Currie said.

Today, the district’s finance committee will vote on a $475,000 contract that would clear the way for work to begin. The design and access plans involve lengthy review, so it could take several months before crews begin the repair work, Currie said.

The contract will be paid for with the district’s reserve funds.

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