Rifles, shotguns to be added to SF’s gun storage law

After triggering the shutdown of San Francisco’s last gun shop, Supervisor Mark Farrell is adding to his gun control portfolio with a proposal to require all guns left in a home be locked — not just handguns, as is current law.

The proposal comes after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal filed by the National Rifle Association seeking to block a city 2007 ordinance that requires residents to store handguns in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock that has been approved by the Department of Justice.

Farrell is now proposing to add what are called long guns to the requirement, which are rifles or shotguns.

Farrell’s legislation advanced toward approval Monday out of the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee. The full board is expected to approve it next week.

“While this legislation itself was not in response to any incident that happened on the streets of San Francisco thankfully, I personally don’t believe in waiting for disaster to happen,” Farrell said. “This was a glaring loophole in our law.”

Allison Anderman, an attorney with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, supported the effort. “This legislation will make firearms less likely to fall into hands of unauthorized users such as toddlers, burglars and suicidal teens,” Anderman said.

The NRA had argued the storage law infringes upon the right to self-defense.

Last year, Farrell succeeded in passing legislation that requires video-recording of firearms sales and regular notification to the Police Department of ammunition sales. That law was cited as a reason for The City’s last gun shop, High Bridge Arms in the Mission District, to close.

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