Public Defender Jeff Adachi to detail new alleged San Francisco police misconduct

Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s office is planning to unveil new evidence of alleged police misconduct Thursday.

Police Chief Greg Suhr said Adachi told him of the new allegations at the same time media were notified Wednesday.

Suhr said he had yet to view the video himself, but members of his staff had and could not immediately see “what might be so glaring.” He said he would wait to see what Adachi “suggests we might look for” in the video.

“Any matters of breach of character we take very seriously,” Suhr said.

The allegations are the latest to be leveled against San Francisco police by Adachi and other defense attorneys, who have held several media events since early March claiming that officers illegally entered residential hotel rooms and other residences, falsified police reports, and stole suspects’ valuables during drug arrests in 2010 and 2011.

The accusations against eight officers in the plainclothes detail at Southern Station and five officers at Mission Station were accompanied by surveillance video and witness accounts that appeared to contradict the officers’ accounts of the arrests, and spawned an FBI investigation.

“The FBI is continuing our independent investigations into allegations regarding officers assigned to Southern and Mission Stations,” FBI spokeswoman Julie Sohn said in a statement Wednesday. “SFPD has been cooperating with us since the onset of our investigations.”

Police spokesman Officer Carlos Manfredi said the Police Department also is continuing its internal affairs investigations into the officers’ conduct.

None of the officers have been charged.

After the allegations came to light, prosecutors dismissed more than 100 criminal cases connected to arrests made by the Southern and Mission station officers.

Defense attorneys also made accusations against a group of officers in the Richmond District, but police and the District Attorney’s Office said at the time that they did not merit an investigation.

Adachi’s office, which now has a “police misconduct unit,” said it will release new video and testimony from six alleged victims Thursday detailing similar allegations against police.

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