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Shamann Walton's Twitter profile now bears the likeness of Matt Diamond, a day trader from Salt Lake City. The two don't follow each other on the platform. 

Shamann Walton is still San Francisco District 10's supervisor.

Not the Utah money man who was pictured in Walton's Twitter account for more than a week.

Shamann Walton

Shamann Walton attends a March 31, 2017 press conference at the SFUSD administration building in San Francisco. Walton says his Twitter account has been hacked for more than a month. 

Shamann Walton hacked account

As of press time, Shamann Walton's Twitter account bore the images of a Salt Lake City day trader. Walton says his account was hacked. 

Matt Diamond Twitter profile

Matt Diamond's Twitter profile picture is the same as Shamann Walton's hacked account. 

Matt Diamond pinned tweet

Shamann Walton's Twitter account now has a header image that is a cropped version of the picture in Matt Diamond's pinned tweet. Walton says his account was hacked. 

Shamann Walton's pinned tweet

The tweet pinned to Walton's account, which he says is hacked, includes identical language to the tweet pinned on Matt Diamond's account. 

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