Police release names of officers involved in fatal shooting at Mission Station

Police have released the names of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of a suicidal man at Mission Police Station on Sunday.

Two sergeants from Mission Police Station and an officer from Central Police Station were involved in the shooting of Matt Hoffman, who after loitering around in the station’s parking lot and reportedly acting strange lifted up his shirt and pulled a pellet gun out of his waistband and pointed it at the officers before they opened fire.

Sgt. Michael Serujo and Sgt. Nicolas Pena were the officers involved in the shooting.

After the shooting, police found a suicide note in Hoffman’s phone, absolving the officers of any wrongdoing in the shooting.

Police Chief Greg Suhr, who held a town hall meeting in the Mission in connection with the incident, said it was the two sergeants who actually fired the shots that killed Hoffman.

Hoffman, 32, had reportedly been in a dark place for some time, Suhr said. At the town hall, it was revealed that Hoffman texted a Connecticut police officer in February asking things like, “What would happen if a person would point a fake gun at a cop from 6 feet away? What if the person told the cop he was going to shoot the cop after a count of three.”

He had reportedly just moved to San Francisco and broke up with his girlfriend.

The events that led up to his shooting at 5:20 p.m. Sunday started about three hours earlier when he approached two officers involved in a traffic stop and asked them if they had ever shot someone.

About an hour later at Mission and 16th streets, he asked another officer the same question.

Then about 5:18 p.m., he was seen in the station’s parking lot and asked to leave. Instead he stayed and reached for his pellet gun before being shot to death.

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