Police investigating latest smash-and-grab burglary

Police are investigating another smash-and-grab burglary in San Francisco on Wednesday, and this time it was a Lower Pacific Heights music store that was looted.

A witness who contacted police said he heard a smashing sound about 3:58 a.m. in the 2200 block of Bush Street, police said. When he looked out his window, he saw a red pickup truck inside the music store and three suspects looting the place. The witness lives above the music store.

The truck fled before police arrived.

The total financial loss to the store has yet to be determined.

This is the latest smash-and-grab incident in a series of brazen thefts in The City this year. The incidents include a Patagonia in Fisherman's Wharf, the Wells Fargo museum in the Financial District, and several jewelry and high-end fashion stores, where the suspects use a vehicle to crash through the storefronts before stealing items.

No arrests have been reported in any of the incidents.

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