Police confirm gun found in water off Pier 14 killed Kathryn Steinle

The handgun recovered by a police dive team last week from the waters off Pier 14 was used in the fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle, police announced Friday.

The San Francisco Police Department’s forensic crime laboratory made the confirmation by comparing the ballistics from the pistol and the round that killed Steinle, 32.

The same gun was reported stolen in June from the vehicle of a Bureau of Land Management agent who was in The City on official business.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, 45, has been charged with murder in connection with Steinle’s death. She died from a single gunshot July 1 as she walked along the pier with her father and a family friend.

Lopez-Sanchez was detained hours later and then booked into County Jail the next day. The undocumented Mexican citizen who had been released from County Jail in April after it was confirmed that his nonviolent record did not meet The City’s rules for holding people on federal deportation detainers.

Only violent felons are held when immigration authorities request such action.

Lopez-Sanchez was brought to San Francisco in March on a 20-year-old warrant for marijuana possession after serving time in a federal prison in Victorville for illegally re-entering the U.S.

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