Planning Commission will have two vacancies come next week

The Planning Commission is set to have two vacancies this month following the departure of Cindy Wu on Thursday and Michael Antonini next week from the seven-member commission.

Wu, who has served on the commission for four years, was appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and Antonini — who has served for more than 14 years — by the Mayor’s Office. Those bodies will subsequently be tasked with making appointments to fill those vacancies.

Wu’s last meeting was Thursday, and Antonini’s last meeting is next week.

Antonini is a dentist from the west side, and also one of The City’s few registered Republicans who serves in San Francisco public office.

He came under fire by some public officials during last year’s election, when he penned a voter’s guide for friends that was leaked to the SF Weekly, in which he complained the “socialist left” was practicing “reverse racism” in the Mission District.

Commissioners did not offer any comments on Antonini’s departure Thursday as his last meeting is next week. Commissioner Rich Hillis, however, said Wu helped make the commission more “thoughtful.”

“Cindy serves not only this body well but serves the community by pointing out the needs we have together,” said longtime housing advocate Calvin Welch. “I want to thank you for your service, Cindy.”

Wu is the director of operations at the Chinatown Community Development Center, and oversees housing development, property management, human resources and administration. She told the San Francisco Examiner she’s now overseeing the organization’s rapid growth of the Ping Yuen and Ping Yuen North housing developments.

She also recently was voted by the Democratic County Central Committee as chair of the local Democratic party, a group which enlists new Democrats and endorses candidates and ballot propositions in elections.

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