Parking meters speeding toward Mission Bay area

Despite protests from residents in neighboring communities, The City is moving forward with plans to install parking meters in Mission Bay.

In January, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which regulates traffic in The City, pulled back on a proposal to install 5,000 meters, mostly in eastern neighborhoods near Mission Bay, after hearing hundreds of residents speak out against the plan.

However, the SFMTA still plans to go through with a separate proposal to install new meters near UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus. Unlike the initiative that was proposed in January, these meters have already been approved for installation, agency spokesman Paul Rose said.

Rose did not say how many meters would be added or when they would be installed. The plan also covers areas near AT&T Park and South of Market.

“We will now begin to identify specific locations in the area where meter installation would be appropriate,” Rose said. “Once we finalize our plans, we will provide that information to the neighborhoods affected.”

While the agency moves forward with that plan, it is engaging in more in-depth studies for its meter programs in nearby neighborhoods. Those studies will begin in earnest next month.

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By Examiner Staff