Oakland doomsday crier Harold Camping suffers a stroke

Harold Camping, the Oakland radio preacher whose recent doomsday prediction failed to materialize, has apparently suffered a stroke.

Camping had a stroke after his radio program Thursday night and was taken to the hospital, according to an Internet message posted by Charlie Menut, a regional manager for Camping’s multimillion-dollar Christian radio network, Family Radio.

“I have no other details,” Menut wrote to a Yahoo group of Family Radio supporters. “Please just pray for him. I’m sure we’ll be able to publicly update everyone [today].”

The Oakland Tribune quoted a neighbor saying Camping’s wife reported the preacher was doing well, but that his speech was slurred. Representatives of Family Radio and Menut’s station were not available for comment Sunday.

The 89-year-old Camping received widespread publicity — and more than a little scorn — for his failed prediction, advertised on thousands of billboards across the country, that the rapture would begin May 21.

Camping, who made a similarly wrong prediction in 1994, has since revised his forecast to Oct. 21.


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