Niners fans on edge until final seconds of wild-card win

Standing up or sitting on the edge of their seats in the final minutes of the tied 49ers and Green Bay Packers NFC wild-card game Sunday, hundreds of 49ers fans at Pedro’s Cantina cheered a victory they were only sure of as the clock expired.

Relief came for the 49ers faithful after Phil Dawson’s 33-yard field goal in the waning seconds sealed the 23-20 playoff win over the Packers.

At the end of the day, the win felt “great,” said Richmond resident Kevin Yarbrough, 32, lifelong season-ticket-holder.

“It was a tough and hard fight but Niners do what Niners do, and they win,” he said. “We come together in The City and this is what we do. In a place and a win like that, who’s got it better? Nobody.”

Next door at Pete’s Tavern, San Francisco resident Justin Kunzelmann, 33, who was born in Wisconsin and has been a lifelong Packers fan, said he was disappointed but that the better team won.

“I’ve always respected the 49ers because growing up as a Packers fan, especially in the ’90s, you see it’s a very strong rivalry,” he said. “Hats off to the Niners, they pulled it off.”

The cantina and tavern near AT&T Park often see some pushing among sports fans, but this time fans were “well-behaved,” said Grace Osuna, manager of both bars. She looks forward to the game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

“Next week is going to be insane,” she said. “The line starts two hours before the game and goes about a block in both directions.”

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