New videos show police shooting man armed with knife, frying pan

Police say Antonio Estrada set fire to apartment building before shooting

Before being shot by San Francisco police, a 26-year-old man allegedly set fire to his apartment in the Tenderloin and wielded a kitchen knife and frying pan in a fight with several men on Market Street, police said Tuesday.

The man, identified for the first time Tuesday as Antonio Estrada, was shot and injured outside the Westfield mall on Market Street on Nov. 17 when he allegedly advanced on an officer while still armed with both weapons.

Estrada survived despite being taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. He has since been arrested on suspicion of various charges including assault, arson and resisting arrest, according to police.

Police released bystander videos and body-worn camera footage from the shooting as well as surveillance footage from the alleged arson during a virtual town hall meeting Tuesday.

The series of events began shortly before 4 p.m. when witnesses smelled gas coming from inside Estrada’s apartment on the second floor of a building on the 400 block of Ellis Street. He allegedly came running out of the room armed with a screwdriver and flaming frying pan and set the hallway on fire with a gas canister.

Police encountered Estrada after 5 p.m. while responding to multiple callers reporting a fight near the Powell Street cable car turnaround. Bystander video appeared to show Estrada wielding his weapons in the fight against several men in the middle of the street. Police said it was unclear whether the fight was mutual combat or self-defense.

Estrada was on the sidewalk outside 835 Market St. with the knife raised above his head when an officer fired a bean-bag gun at him, body-worn camera footage appeared to show. He appeared to be advancing toward the officer when a second officer at the scene shot him with a pistol.

Estrada collapsed to the ground and let go of the frying pan but allegedly refused to drop the knife. Police discharged several volleys of bean bag and foam baton projectiles at him as he repeatedly attempted to get up. A third officer fired the foam-baton projectiles and a fourth also fired real bullets.

Estrada allegedly did not drop the knife despite repeated commands to do so until a sheriff’s lieutenant fired a Taser at him twice while he was on the ground, according to police and the body camera footage.

Police then rushed him and medically treated him while he wailed in pain.

The San Francisco Examiner previously identified the two officers who discharged their firearms as Joseph Toomey and Ryan Thomson of Tenderloin Station. Police confirmed those identities Tuesday.

Bystander footage posted to social media last week also appeared to show the man advancing on an officer.

The shooting prompted a protest last Thursday by the group Defund SFPD Now amid national attention to police use-of-force cases.

Officers recovered five bullet casings and 11 less-lethal projectiles at the scene.

Estrada was arrested on suspicion of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, exhibiting a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, arson of a structure and possession of a flammable substance with intent to set fire.

It was not immediately clear Tuesday whether prosecutors have filed formal criminal charges against Estrada or if he has an attorney.

He remains at the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The footage the San Francisco Police Department released Tuesday can be viewed here.

Multiple investigations are ongoing.

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