Muni monthly pass fare rises today, will increase more next year

Muni fares are set to rise today for regular riders.

Though fare box prices will remain $2.25, the monthly Muni pass loaded onto Clipper Cards will jump by $3 starting today to more than double what the passes cost two decades ago.

“Muni only” passes will jump from $70 to $73, and the monthly passes known as a “Fast Pass” — which includes BART rides within San Francisco — will jump from $83 to $86 a month.

Passes for seniors, youths and people with disabilities who do not qualify for free Muni will rise from $24 to $25.

The increase is part of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s automatic fare indexing policy, which has been in place since 2009 and determines fares based on inflation and operation costs.

Muni prices are set to rise again late next year. Fast Passes with BART access, for instance, will rise to $89.

Muni-only Fast Passes cost $35 in 1996, $24 in 1985, and $11 in 1979, according to photos of historic Fast Passes available on and the SFMTA Photo Archive.

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