Muni fare increases begin Monday

The time has come for Muni fare hikes.

Effective Monday, the adult daily cash fare will rise from $2 to $2.25, adult monthly Muni and BART pass from $76 to $80, adult monthly Muni pass from $66 to $68, lifeline monthly pass from $33 to $34, paratransit van service from $2 to $2.25 and paratransit taxi service script book from $5 to $5.50.

The fare increases are the first since 2009, when the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board set a programmed formula to help keep pace with service costs. It combines the Bay Area Consumer Price Index for urban customers and labor costs and suggests annual periodic increases, but the board elected to wait for the hike until the formula increase hit $0.25.

“This formula helps to create a more predictable, transparent and gradual mechanism for setting fares and fees, rather than approving a large increase all at once,” said agency spokesman Paul Rose.

The SFMTA has tried to alert the public through Muni bus ads, banners at stations, paid advertisements, its website, board meetings, constant social media updates, electronic signs and stickers on bus shelter maps, signage on fare boxes and information provided with Clipper transactions and paratransit transactions.

Customers are expected to have exact fares, as drivers will not provide change.

The fare increases were approved as part of the agency’s two-year budget in April.

Single ride fares and monthly passes for seniors, the disabled and youth will remain unchanged.