MTA considering extra meeting to solve budget shortfall

Faced with a number of critical decisions regarding its $39.3 million budget deficit, the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors may get one extra meeting before deciding how to fill the agency’s massive shortfall.

The MTA is tentatively considering adding an April 30 meeting to its agenda, a move that would allow the agency to pass a budget package just one day before its mandated-deadline of May 1.

The agency is considering a number of different measures to make up the deficit, including raising fares annually based on inflation, installing 5,400 new parking meters and wrapping its buses in advertisements.

Earlier this week, the agency decided to repeal a prior decision to raise FastPass fares, and vowed to scale back a 10 percent service reduction. How much the service reduction will be lessened is something the MTA Board still has to consider.

The decisions to hold the April 30 meeting has not been authorized yet, but if the agency does move forward with the proposal, it would be the third Board of Directors meeting this month, following scheduled meetings for April 6 and April 20. The April 30 meeting would be held at 9 a.m.

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