Meat recall for Lee's Sandwiches expands

A food company that operates restaurants in the Bay Area has doubled the amount of meat products it is recalling from restaurants in California and other states, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Garden Grove-based LQNN Inc., which operates as Lee's Sandwiches in the Bay Area, is now recalling more than 440,000 pounds of chicken, beef and pork products produced before May 26.

There are Lee's Sandwiches locations in San Francisco and the East and South bays.

USDA officials said the added products should have been included in the first recall, which started May 20 and was limited to about 213,000 pounds of meat products.

The recall is a Class I recall, meaning the probability of serious health consequences or death from eating the products is reasonable rather than remote.

Neither the USDA nor the firm has received any reports of adverse reactions to the recalled products, USDA officials said. People who may be having an adverse reaction should see a health care provider.

USDA officials said the products have an unapproved mark of inspection from another facility, identified as establishment number 18995.

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