Mayor says youth could see lower Muni cost

The movement to make Muni free for San Francisco youth is gaining traction.

According to an activist group, proposals to be advanced at an April 3 hearing before the Municipal Transportation Agency’s board will include a reduced monthly pass cost of $5, free Muni for low-income youth and free Muni for all youth.

Jane Martin, POWER’s political director, said the options were discussed this week with Mayor Ed Lee and MTA Executive Director Ed Reiskin as part of a two- to three-year pilot program. Thursday, Lee told a group of students that he’s working hard to lower the cost of transit for them, adding that they should avoid buying a car.

“I would advise you not to, too early in your life,” Lee said. “Because there ain’t no parking.”

The mayor said he sympathizes with the students, who now pay $21 per month for the monthly youth pass that once only set them back $10.

Supervisor David Campos has been pushing the measure, which he estimates would cost $8 million annually and funded by outside sources. Lee has said he would support such a program as long as funding sources are stable and the program doesn’t impact the transit agency’s ailing budget.

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