Man allegedly shot at for dating attacker’s mother

The 53-year-old man who was shot at last week near the Sunnydale Housing Project was dating the mother of one of the two men he told police “tried to kill him.”

Unhappy with the man’s arrangement with his mother, 27-year-old Kevin Nelson allegedly started to fight with the victim. But when Nelson was losing the struggle, his friend Orlando Stubblefield, 22, allegedly pulled out an automatic pistol and fired two shots at the older man.

Stubblefield missed and the duo fled into nearby McLaren Park. Two days later they were picked up by police on attempted murder charges on a warrant near Cesar Chavez and Harrison streets. In addition to attempted murder charges, Nelson and Stubblefield were booked into County Jail on felony charges of conspiracy to commit a crime.

Nelson faces an additional charge of resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer and was also booked on a warrant for an unrelated burglary.

Stubblefield has an additional felony count against him for discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

UPDATE: 12:55 p.m.: Both suspects are in custody with bail set at just over $1 million for Nelson and $1.5 million for Stubblefield.

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