London Breed holding fundraiser to pay off inauguration party

New Supervisor London Breed sent out an invitation Thursday for a fundraiser later this month to help pay for, among other things, her lavish inauguration ceremony — which, by her own estimates, topped $10,000.

Breed said the invitations to the ceremony alone cost around $2,000.

Hosts for the Feb. 25 event include 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, Mayor Ed Lee and angel investor Ron Conway. It’s slated to be held at the home of prominent San Francisco Democrat Wade Randlett.

That is an eclectic group of people. “Isn’t it?” Breed said with a laugh.

In addition to cash for the inauguration party, Breed needs money for office supplies. So this glamorous group is uniting for the rather unglamorous purpose of raising funds for pens, couches and coffee grounds.

Breed said she reached out to Davis, Lee, Conway and Randlett individually. Davis is not a political player in this town, just a player. He’s also an artist, and Breed said she met him through her work at the African American Art and Culture Complex and counts him as a friend.

Conway, incidentally, maxed out his political contributions to Breed during the District 5 race last year. His role is to coax others to give.

In terms of the office supplies, the 11 members of the Board of Supervisors are allocated $5,000 apiece annually to pay for them. When supervisors are up for re-election, they are only allowed to spend half of that sum prior to Election Day.

Former Supervisor Christina Olague, whom Breed defeated in November, did just that, according to board Clerk Angela Calvillo. And — as is par for the course, noted Calvillo — Breed started out with $2,500 in her account.

That’s half what veteran supervisors have to play with. But every incoming supervisor faces this deficit in their first year.

However, not everyone throws an elaborate inauguration celebration for the benefit of extended family and friends.

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