Smokey the Bear and fire danger

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is asking people to refrain from setting off personal fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend to minimize smoke and wildfire risk.

In order to reduce smoke and wildfire risk, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District asks residents to refrain from setting off their own fireworks this weekend.

“We encourage Bay Area residents to have a safe and healthy holiday by attending official fireworks displays, in lieu of using personal fireworks, this Fourth of July weekend,” said Sharon Landers, interim executive officer of the Air District. “Personal fireworks not only increase wildfire risk during extreme drought conditions, but also create an unhealthy breathing environment in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Fireworks, such as those purchased from pop-up fireworks stands, contain metal salts used to produce colors, but also cause excessive smoke.

Smoke from exploding fireworks increases the amount of particulate matter close to the ground, making it difficult for people to breathe and may trigger asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing and eye irritation, according to the Air Quality agency. 

The impact of firework smoke upon sensitive groups is more severe, including those with respiratory issues, heart or lung disease, along with children and the elderly. 

The Bay Area region often exceeds federal air quality standards on the evening of July 4th and morning of July 5th due to neighborhood fireworks displays, according to data collected by the Air Quality agency.

Increased air pollution from fireworks impacts people and pets. Fireworks can also increase the risk of brush fires, wildfires or house fires that cause damage to the surrounding area.

Instead of setting off fireworks in your neighborhood and risking both wildfire and health risks, attend these free displays that provide a safe and fun experience for all.




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