Judge orders CCSF’s accrediting body to reconsider 2013 termination decision

City College of San Francisco’s accrediting body will have to reconsider its 2013 decision to revoke the school’s accreditation, a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.

The injunction and judgment, issued by Judge Curtis Karnow, are the final ruling in the case. The City Attorney’s Office had sued the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges over allegations that the commission unfairly voted to strip CCSF of its accreditation nearly two years ago.

CCSF never officially lost its accreditation because the 2013 decision was to be effective the following summer and, prior to that deadline, the court blocked the commission from going forward with the decision. The school remains open and fully accredited.

Per Tuesday’s injunction, CCSF will remain in restoration status – a policy that gives it two more years to meet accrediting requirements – while the 2013 decision is reconsidered.

Karnow ordered the commission to provide CCSF with a notice in writing to opt in to the reconsideration process within 10 days. Should CCSF choose to have its 2013 decision reconsidered, the school must respond to the commission with 15 days.

The ACCJC is then required to prepare a written report that “clearly identifies any deficiencies in City College’s compliance with accreditation standards as of June 2013,” Karnow wrote in the injunction. After CCSF responds to the report, the commission must then “promptly” hold a meeting to review the school’s written response.<p>

The commission must provide CCSF an opportunity to speak at that meeting, the judge ruled. The ACCJC will then decide whether to modify or affirm the 2013 decision to terminate CCSF’s accreditation. CCSF cannot be removed from restoration status due to the reconsideration process.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera on Tuesday commended the court for its judgment and emphasized that CCSF will “suffer no adverse consequences by the ACCJC” whether it opts to have its 2013 accreditation termination decision reconsidered.

“I’m very pleased with the final injunction, and optimistic that these court-ordered protections will enable City College to secure its accreditation, and finally put threats of closure to rest,” Herrera said in a statement.

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