Hiring manager offers tips to ace job interview

Dana Manciagli has seen it all. In her more than 30 years as a hiring manager for multinational companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Kodak and Avery Dennison, Manciagli has interviewed, hired and coached thousands of people globally.

Her new book, “Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Guide for a New Era,” is packed with new ideas and tactics all given from the perspective of a seasoned insider who knows exactly what it takes to get hired.

Here are Manciagli's tips job seekers need to know.

Mistake: Arriving late to the interview. The hiring manager thinks you have time-management issues.

Solution: Always arrive and be in the lobby 30 minutes early.

Mistake: Dressing too informally or inappropriately. The hiring manager thinks this interview is not that important to you.

Solution: Have one interview outfit and use it.

Mistake: Babbling on and on. The hiring manager thinks you're unprepared and not self-aware.

Solution: Slow down and breathe. When asked a question, pause, take a deep breath and respond thoughtfully.

Mistake: Answering the wrong question. The hiring manager thinks you're not listening.

Solution: Really listen and be present in an interview. Don't just blurt out all the things you want to talk about.

Mistake: Bad-mouthing a former employer. The hiring manager thinks you will do the same to them.

Solution: NEVER be negative, no matter how bad it was.

Mistake: Typos, misspellings or poor grammar. The hiring manager thinks this is how you would write for the company.

Solution: Be very careful and double-check your messages before sending, or have someone else look over your work first.

Mistake: Not following up. If you don't, the hiring manager thinks you're not that interested in the position.

Solution: Follow up within 24-48 hours with insights gained during the meeting.

Mistake: Not asking good questions about the company or the position. The hiring manager thinks you have not done your homework.

Solution: Have a list of good questions prepared from the research you have conducted.

Mistake: Poor eye contact, weak handshakes. The hiring manager thinks your engagement with customers and other managers would be the same.

Solution: Ask others you respect for feedback. Practice maintaining better eye contact and a stronger handshake.

Do what others fail to do!

Marvin Walberg is a job search coach in Birmingham, Ala. See www.marvin-walberg.com. Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service, www.shns.com.

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