Golden Gate Bridge suicides again top 30 deaths in 2012

At least 33 people died by suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2012, increasing the documented tally from the span to more than 1,600 since it opened in 1937.

Although 2012 marked the 75th anniversary of the bridge’s opening, last year brought another grim death count. In 2011, 37 people jumped to their deaths off the bridge, and at least 30 have died every year since 2008, according to the Bridge Rail Foundation, an organization that advocates for a suicide-prevention barrier on the span.

In 2008, the bridge transit district approved plans to build a $50 million suicide-prevention system. However, the system would not be funded with bridge toll revenue, and it currently faces a $45 million shortfall.

Advocates are hopeful that funding may finally arrive from the federal government. Suicide-prevention projects are eligible to receive funds from the recently passed federal transportation bill.

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