Golden Gate Bridge likely boosting speed limit at toll plaza for all-electronic change

With cash payments soon to be a thing of the past, motorists will be able to more quickly zip through the toll plaza at the Golden Gate Bridge.

All-electronic tolling is scheduled to begin Wednesday, which will make the bridge the only span in California to feature such technology. As a result, the bridge transit district is poised to rework the posted speed limits for southbound motorists passing through the plaza.

Currently, the speed limit is posted at 5 mph, but the district is recommending increasing that cap to 25 mph. That’s the same speed limit for the FasTrak lanes on the Bay Bridge and other regional spans.   

By moving toward all-electronic tolling, the district also will establish a carpool-only lane. The district has recommended that carpoolers, whose $3 toll is less than that of other motorists, occupy Lane 2, which is on the western side of the span. The California Highway Patrol is expected to monitor that lane for compliance.

Installing signage and lane-striping for the new speed limit and carpool lane will cost the district $35,000. The district expects to save $16 million over the next 10 years by implementing the new toll system, mostly by trimming labor costs.

The district’s board of directors is scheduled to vote on the new speed limit and carpool lane at its meeting today.

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