Gay radio program to bring show to cell phones

Announcer and board operator at KALW (91.7 FM) Eric Jansen is a co-host of “Out in the Bay,” a weekly half-hour radio show about LGBT issues. The show recently inked a deal with Stitcher, the nation’s leading provider of on-demand news and talk radio to mobile phones.

What’s “Out in the Bay”?

It’s a half-hour weekly interview show about queer issues and about gay life in San Francisco and beyond. We’ve had really prominent figures like Ang Lee, John Waters, Charo and Margaret Cho, … and we’ve also had really great everyday people who have interesting stories.

How was the show created?

I was a producer on Michael Krasny’s show “Forum” [on KQED] and I thought, “We’re here in the San Francisco, why isn’t there an intelligent talk show that’s about gay life in the Bay Area?” I get a lot of comments from straight listeners who say they learn a lot from our show, that there are questions you might not want to ask a gay person or a transgendered person, and I’ll ask those questions.

How did your co-host, Marilyn Pittman, come on board?

She was one of the first openly gay comics in the Bay Area in the late ’80s and early ’90s. She was doing these commentaries for us with her biting, witty comments. She decided she really liked what we were doing and joined us.

What is Stitcher?

Stitcher is a new application that allows you to download radio programs on your cell phones. It’s a big deal for us. This puts us in the eyes and ears of a whole new audience.

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