First farmers market to open in Outer Sunset this weekend

A weekly farmers market is coming to the Outer Sunset this Sunday, the first of its kind in the residential...

A weekly farmers market is coming to the Outer Sunset this Sunday, the first of its kind in the residential neighborhood.

The market was planned to begin last spring, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and has since been downsized to accommodate proper social distance protocol. Sunset Mercantile, the People of Parkside Sunset and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development worked with District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar to establish the weekly market, which will take place year round from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 37th Avenue between Ortega and Pacheco streets.

Mar says that opening a market has been a goal of his since he assumed the role of district supervisor last year, but he thinks the idea has become more important as many neighborhood businesses have struggled during the pandemic.

“My office has been working with the Sunset community for over a year now on plans to launch a new farmers market and mercantile for the neighborhood,” he said. “I think all of the goals that we set through the planning process are made even more important in light of the health crisis, and we’re really seeing this farmers market and mercantile as a way to provide crucial support to struggling neighborhood businesses.”

Albert Chow, president of People of Parkside Sunset, said Thursday that he believes the farmer’s market has the chance to help mend the community back together after months of isolation.

“I think this is an important time to have this happen,” he said. “Especially right now you know in this new environment, we’re all talking about connecting and taking this community fabric that’s been kind of torn or stretched out a bit and snap it back together.”

The market will feature around 45 vendors, as opposed to the original plan for 80, and organizers of the event said the street will be outfitted with proper signage and indicators to promote social distancing. Live music is also planned, but there will be no vocalists so that all performers will be able to wear masks.

“When we talk with our neighbors about ways to improve our neighborhood in the Sunset, one of the most frequently raised ideas that we heard was to bring a farmers market to District 4 into the Outer Sunset,” said Edward Wright, a legislative aide for Mar. “We are one of the only neighborhoods currently without a farmers market, but we’re very excited to say that ends this weekend.”

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