Family of missing teen offers $10K reward for information

19-year-old Sydney West has been missing 4 months

The family of a missing teen last seen at the Golden Gate Bridge is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can provide information leading to her location and return home, according to San Francisco police.

Sydney “Syd” West, a 19-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, was last seen on the Golden Gate Bridge September 30 around 6:45 a.m., wearing long black tights, a teal hoodie and slip-on Vans.

“Because it’s almost four months now and we are desperate to have our daughter back, we are offering a $10,000 reward to anybody who is able to locate and bring her home to us,” said West’s mother, Kimberly West, in a video posted to the “Find Sydney West” Facebook page. “Or provide information that does the same,” added West’s father, Jay West.

West, originally from North Carolina, was described as “at risk” by police due to her depression, according to previous Examiner reporting. West is a white, 19-year-old female with light brown hair and blue eyes. West is 5’10” and approximately 130 pounds.

“That morning that Sydney was on the bridge there was a lot of people that were near her,” Jay West said in the video. “We absolutely believe that somebody must know something,”

Since West’s disappearance, there has been no activity on her phone, social media or bank accounts, according to the release.

Anyone with information regarding West’s location should contact the West family’s private investigator Scott Dudek at (925) 705-8328.

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