Examiner newspaper to launch new Sunday edition

Based on significant input from readers and advertisers, and a comprehensive review of newspaper operations, the Examiner newspapers will launch new Sunday editions in Washington, San Francisco, and Baltimore and will expand their Thursday editions.

Clarity Media Group CEO, Ryan McKibben today announced changes in the Examiner’s operations, which also include:

  • Upgrading single-copy editions to better serve our 25-54 year old readers … doubling the number of single-copy papers circulated through newspaper racks and street distribution teams … while creating a stronger presence in leisure activity centers …
  • When the changes begin taking effect Sunday, July 13th – the Examiner will be published in its three markets Monday-through–Friday and on Sunday … and home-delivered on Thursday and Sunday …
  • The Examiner’s Internet presence continues to grow and mature. Newspaper websites associated with the Washington, Baltimore and San Francisco Examiners are being upgraded to better support local newsroom operations …
  • examiner.com is being developed into an aggregator of worldwide, national and local news … as well as the reliable source for local consumer information and social networking in over 60 communities across the country.

“Through extensive discussions with our readers and advertisers we have been very pleased to learn how much they value the Examiner,” says Clarity Media Group CEO, Ryan McKibben. “Also emerging from these discussions were suggestions about what would make the Examiner even more relevant to them. Consumers and advertisers alike confirm the significant value provided by our subscription-free newspapers and the Examiners’ strong emphasis on local news.”

“The Examiner provides businesses high-profile and high-value advertising opportunities: The ability to directly reach their most desirable customers, at rates that are significantly lower than those charged by legacy newspapers … and rates that are very competitive with radio, television and most web applications.”

“Readers tell us the news and information content of the Examiner is high quality and they appreciate the Examiner’s convenient format and vivid graphics; its tight and informative stories and local lifestyle coverage.”

Lessons learned in over four years of publishing free newspapers and feedback from readers and advertisers have been clear and consistent:

  • The top priority for our readers and advertisers alike is for the Examiner to establish a quality, local Sunday newspaper. They also place a high value on a pre-weekend publication with a good deal of attention to lifestyle activities in their communities.
  • There is much less interest in home delivery of newspapers on other days of the week. Most advertising dollars are committed to the pre-weekend and Sunday publications that attract families and active consumers.
  • Thus, the Thursday and Sunday Examiner editions are of the greatest value to advertisers when delivered directly to the homes of their highly valued customers.
  • Somewhat surprising is the fact that many readers – particularly active urban workers – want a quality weekday paper easily within reach, when and where they choose to read them. That means broadening distribution through vendorsand news racks.

McKibben characterized the Examiner and its corporate parent, Clarity Media Group, within the context of a challenged print media industry:

“It’s no secret that this is a very difficult period for our industry. But it’s actually an exciting time when one has the necessary talent and is sufficiently nimble and innovative – to effectively meet the demands of rapidly changing markets. That’s where Clarity Media Group, with the Examiner newspapers and examiner.com, is well positioned.”

“The changes announced today demonstrate a commitment to listen to our readers and advertisers and make the adjustments needed to better serve their needs. As a result of this culture, our dedicated team produces – what I believe are – some of the best free newspapers in America. Going forward, that’s precisely what the Examiner will continue to do.”

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