Detective testifies GG Park, Marin murder suspect changed her story

Conflicting stories of who shot and killed a Canadian tourist in San Francisco and a hiker in Marin County last year emerged in testimony Tuesday morning in the preliminary hearing of two drifters charged with murder.

Morrison Lampley and Lila Alligood stand charged with murder for the killing of Audrey Carey in Golden Gate Park and Steven Carter on a Marin hiking trail in October 2015. Their former co-defendant Sean Michael Angold, 24, pleaded guilty earlier this year to Carter’s murder and is expected to testify against the other two defendants.

Marin County Sheriff’s Office Detective Scott Buer took the stand in Marin County Superior Court Tuesday morning and testified about interrogating Alligood and her former cellmate.

Buer, the lead detective in the case, flew to Portland, Ore. on Oct. 7. The trio had been arrested there after being tracked by a GPS device inside the stolen car of their second victim. A San Francisco police investigator accompanied Buer.

Once in Portland, Alligood was interviewed three times late into the early morning, once by the SFPD officer and twice by Buer, the detective said.

First, Alligood said that Angold was the shooter in both killings, according to Fuer. Then she changed her story.

“Lampley was the shooter, not Angold,” said Buer, explaining what Alligood finally told him. “She said that she was protecting Lampley. She’d do anything for him. She loved him.”

The interrogation, which lasted nearly four hours, was interrupted by an interview with the San Francisco officer. Upon Buer’s second interview, she changed her story.

“You don’t know what happened during that time to make her change her story?” asked David Brown, Lampley’s defense attorney in the case.

Buer also testified that a former cellmate of Alligood, Pamela Bullock, said that the pair had discussed both killings.

“Alligood referred to the victim as ‘the bitch,’” said Buer of Carey, who was found shot dead in Golden Gate Park on Oct. 3, 2015.

Bullock allegedly said that Alligood told her Carey thanked the trio for befriending her.

“She didn’t know she was gonna die,” said Buer, relaying what he was told by Bullock.

Much of the testimony Tuesday was also related to the killing of Carter.

Buer said Alligood’s cellmate Bullock told him that Alligood said, “The old man needed to die and that Lampley was the shooter.”

The defense attorneys for both Alligood and Lampley countered Buer’s first statements by asking about Alligood’s other story in which she said Angold was the shooter.

“Did she tell you that Sean Angold admitted to killing Steven Carter?” asked Brown, Lampley’s attorney.

“Yes,” replied Buer.

When Brown asked about how long the three had known one another, Buer said not long.

Buer said Lampley and Alligood had known one another since she was 12 and only met Angold weeks before the killings. The couple had been hitch-hiking north from San Diego on state Highway 1 and met Angold in San Francisco.

Once there, Angold provided the three with methamphetamine, Buer said he was told by Alligood.

When Brown asked about Alligood’s initial story about the killing, Buer said she told him Angold referred to Carey as “the bitch” and that he was the shooter

The preliminary hearing was scheduled to continue at 1:30 p.m.


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