David Campos calls for hearing on contracts following Muni article

Last week, SF Weekly reporter Joe Eskenazi penned a cover article, titled “Shock and Awe: The Little Hybrid Engine That Couldn't,” that detailed the delivery of new Muni buses to the East Bay before the Board of Supervisors approved the contract to buy the New Flyer hybrids.

Supervisor David Campos on Tuesday called for a hearing into the contract issue, asking whether it is the best practice for a supplier to deliver a product before a contract is signed.
As outlined in the SF Weekly article, the majority of the members of the Board of Supervisors did not know about the bus delivery at the time of the vote.

By the time the board unanimously greenlit their mere existence on Oct. 29, scores of these buses were already squirreled away at a warehouse in Alameda. A majority of the city's supervisors tell SF Weekly they had no clue this was the case. “Well, that's fascinating,” says irked Board President David Chiu. “This is information that should have been disclosed to us. Boy, I'd kind of like to see this in writing.”

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