Crews prepare Candlestick's field for game, weather

The parking lots at Candlestick Park will start filling up hours before the gates open Sunday, but not even the most hard-core tailgaters will beat Roger Revel to the stadium.

Revel, the main groundskeeper for the stadium, will be hard at work putting the finishing touches on the field at 6 a.m.

Preparing the football field for the big game is a labor of love that began the moment Drew Brees and his crew exited last Saturday. Immediately after a game, grounds workers sweep, fix divots and mow. They come back the next morning to spread seed and water, if needed.

Painting the lawn usually takes place two days before the game. But for Sunday’s game, workers painted the NFC logo, lines and end zones Wednesday to avoid any run-ins with rain. But fans can rest assured that inclement weather won’t cause problems for Candlestick.

“The field is in such good shape we’re not worried,” said Steve Castile, the golf and turf manager for the Recreation and Park Department.

After a long dry season, the field will be able to soak up any rain on game day without making for a slick playing field, Castile said.

In anticipation of rain, the field was covered with a tarp, which can remain until
90 minutes before kickoff if there is rain Sunday, Castile added.

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By Soumya Karlamangla
By Examiner Staff
By Examiner Staff