Crews begin rebuilding 125-year-old manhole in Pacific Heights

Utility crews began rebuilding a 125-year-old, nine-foot-deep, brick-lined manhole Thursday in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood because its bottom is degraded, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission officials said.

Construction started Thursday morning on the manhole in the 3100 block of Sacramento Street between Baker and Lyon streets.

Crews decided to repair the manhole following a final inspection of a repaired sewer main at the same location. The broken main caused a sinkhole on April 21 that has since been filled.

Officials with the SFPUC said the decision to rebuild the manhole has nothing to do with the broken sewer main.

One block of Sacramento Street between Baker and Lyon streets will be closed to traffic from about 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day until the work is done, but crews will give residents and businesses access to driveways and garages.

SFPUC spokeswoman Jean Walsh said the work could take until Monday.

Parking along the street will be affected since crews need access to the area, Walsh said.

Crews will rebuild the manhole with concrete. Sewer service will be unaffected.

Walsh said the cost to rebuild the manhole is about $5,000.

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