Courteous ‘stand on the right’ rules damage BART’s escalators

Ask anyone who regularly uses BART to get around, and they’ll undoubtedly have a complaint about the stations’ frequently broken escalators. Human feces, rain, overpopulation and other issues have been credited with damaging the escalators, and now we have a new cause to add to the list: human courtesy.

Bevan Dufty tweeted a question to BART Friday morning, inquiring about the installation of new escalator stairs that say “STAND” on the right, and “WALK” on the left, reminding commuters of courteous escalator behavior.

But Dufty was shut down by BART, who responded to his tweet by saying that “while it may be the courteous thing to do- it is bad for the units. uneven wear. best thing for reliability is even pressure.”

The BART board will soon be voting on a contract to repair and replace escalators across the BART system, as well as a contract to build canopies to shield two San Francisco stations’ escalators from rain.

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