Couple attacked by young thugs at Muni bus stop on Van Ness

A couple who attended a concert last Friday was attacked by a group of heartless teens at a Van Ness Avenue Muni bus stop, according to the transit blog Muni Diaries.

Muni rider Erin told the blog of their ordeal, which occurred about 12:30 a.m. at the Muni stop at Van Ness and Grove Street:

“My friend and I were walking back from a concert on Fell Street up Van Ness. When we crossed to walk in front of City Hall, a group of guys attacked us … I think it’s the 47/49 stop right behind City Hall. It was about five or six boys, all looked like teenagers or young adults. … they just started beating the crap out of my friend as I tried to call for help,” she wrote.

She also said she believed the attack was planned and that the young thugs probably hung out there, waiting for their next victims. The hoodlums even threw presumably empty 40 oz. bottles at them. However, they did not attempt to rob them, she said.

Her friend sustained a black eye and a cut to his face, Erin said, and also dislocated his thumb when he threw a punch at the punks while trying to defend Erin.

The two were able to run away from the scene and when they looked back they saw the thugs remained at the bus stop.



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