Clintons were ultimate symbol of Democratic Party sellout

Apocalypse now … the horror, the horror. Yes, this American nightmare has been brought to us by Trump and our country’s deeply ignorant and nativist streak. But this catastrophe is primarily the fault of the elites who took over the Democratic Party and turned it into a bastion of corporate globalism and permanent war, at the expense of the working people who were once its base.

The Clintons — with their self-serving Davos internationalism and Wall Street pandering — were the ultimate symbol of this Democratic Party sellout. And their co-dependent friends in the corporate media (you know who you are) were completely clueless about the tsunami of working-class rage that was about to crash on them.

The only bright side to this catastrophe is that the American Left will now be forced to wake from its Obama-induced slumber (and yes, the election is a resounding rejection of HIS corporatist policies, too) and start fighting as if our survival as a species is on the line, because it is. We need to take back the Democratic Party from the corporate sellouts who have hollowed it out … or start our own.

You can already hear the whimpers and cries of those who want to flee the country. Whatever. Those of us who are serious will stand and fight … like the warrior men and women of Standing Rock, from where I just returned with my son. If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes this inspiring example of well-organized and determined resistance, I would be even more depressed this morning. The people of Standing Rock have long known they are fighting for their survival — now the rest of us have been bluntly awakened to this stark fact.

It’s a new day in America. Stand and fight.

Let me add some analysis of the campaign that Clinton ran.

First of all, she picks Tim Kaine — an utterly banal and forgettable water boy for the party’s corporate interests — as her running mate, instead of uniting the party with Bernie as her V.P. Then, instead of kickstarting her campaign against Trump with a robust populist theme, she spends all of August at fundraisers with her rich friends.

In the fall, as the Wikileaks emails confirm her coziness with the corporate elite and the militarists who’ve mired us in the Middle East, she bases her entire campaign on tearing down Trump, instead of offering an inspiring progressive alternative. Most of her support was anti-Trump, instead of pro-Clinton. She ran an empty campaign — a perfect representation of a vacuous party that stands for nothing but its own losing hold on power.

One other reason that Donald Trump (!) is the fucking president of the United States … our archaic Electoral College, established by our brilliant founding fathers to ensure that the masses would never directly elect their leaders. Hillary won the popular vote. Repeat after me: Hillary won the popular vote.

In every civilized country in the world, that would mean she would be president. Instead, because of this bizarre and undemocratic institution, we get — for the second time in 16 years — another baboon in the White House. We deeply and truly need another American Revolution … one that favors the people this time, and not just rich, white landowners.

Just in case you weren’t depressed enough today, here’s another cheery bit of news.

The tech money that is part of the corporate takeover of the Democratic Party continued to consolidate its hold on San Francisco — once progressive capital of the U.S. — in yesterday’s elections. Tech bros like LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and Airbnb’s Brian Chesky — who helped bankroll Obama and Hillary — have also been busy decimating this city.

On Tuesday, tech billionaires appeared well on their way to electing their boy-toy Scott Wiener to the State Senate and pushed through Proposition Q, an obscene measure that will force police to confiscate homeless people’s tents — while these billionaires live in multimillion-dollar SF mansions.

This corporatization of the Democratic Party is a big reason for Clinton’s humiliating defeat. As for Obama, don’t worry about him — he will follow other officials from his administration onto the boards of Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Netflix, etc. The Democratic elite takes care of its own — while the rest of us are lucky to keep a tent over our heads.

David Talbot is a San Francisco-based writer and activist. He is the author of numerous books, including “Season of the Witch” and “The Devil’s Chessboard.” Feed the Beast is curated from Talbot’s social media feed.

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