Charges dropped against man arrested in SF sexual assault case

A 40-year-old man who was accused of a six month sexual assault spree in Nob Hill has been cleared of all charges, the Public Defender’s Office said Tuesday.

Victor Vasquez-Cid, 40, spent almost four months in jail before prosecutors decided to drop sexual assault charges against him July 2, after it was revealed by a public defender investigator Vasquez-Cid had been at work during several of the incidents.

Vasquez-Cid, who’d been in jail since March 11, was identified in photo lineups as the perpetrator by victims in two of the 17 reported sexual assaults, according to the Public Defender’s Office. In a third incident, his photo and pictures of two others were narrowed down from a six-photograph lineup as depicting the possible suspect.

But the revelation that Vasquez-Cid had clocked into work at a restaurant using a fingerprint scanner at the same time two of the three sexual assaults occurred was an “unimpeachable alibi” his defense attorney Sangeeta Sinha said in a statement.

“Police were aware that Mr. Vasquez-Cid worked as a dishwasher, but they never followed up to see if he was working at the time of the crimes,” said Public Defender Jeff Adachi in a statement.

If convicted, Vasquez-Cid would have had to register as a sex offender and faced 13 years in prison for five felonies. The case against Vasquez-Cid included a sexual assault charge, two counts of sexual assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of false imprisonment.

When he was arrested, police falsely identified him as the “Nob Hill Groper.”

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