Brazil-Spain soccer spat leaves machete gash

A man was struck in the face with a machete in The City's Mission Bay neighborhood last weekend after saying he hoped Spain would beat Brazil in a soccer match, police said.

Officers responded to the area of Mission Bay and Seventh Street about 5:30 p.m. Sunday and reportedly found the 53-year-old victim with a deep gash in his cheek.

The victim told police he was sitting on the sidewalk when the suspect, whom he knew from the area, walked by with a few pals.

“The suspect asked the victim who he thought would win the soccer game,” police said, and the victim replied that he was a big Spain fan.

The suspect was apparently enraged by the response and punched and kicked the man. The suspect and his pals left, but then a few minutes later the suspect returned alone in his car.

“He was still furious and got out of his vehicle with a machete,” police said.

After striking the victim in the cheek with the machete, the suspect fled in his vehicle. The victim was treated at San Francisco General Hospital for injuries that were not life threatening.

No arrests have been made.

On Sunday, Brazil beat Spain 3-0 to win the Confederations Cup final.

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