Bayview-Hunters Point parks to receive advocates

Lafayette Park has a neighborhood group that advocates for it. So does Glen Canyon Park. And Dolores Park has several.

But the 11 parks in the Bayview-Hunters Point area have not had a loud advocating voice, and local resident Geoffrea Morris wondered if that was why those other parks are getting renovated while the parks in her neighborhood seem to be in a state of perpetual disrepair.

Morris, who was a District 10 candidate in the last San Francisco Board of Supervisors election, and three other women from the Bayview decided to remedy that problem by forming the new group Parks 94124. The group aims to secure new funding to rehabilitate what the group describes as “the  many neglected and dilapidated parks in the 94124 ZIP code.”

In addition to advocating for The City to maintain the parks more, the group will take matters into their own hands and organize cleanup efforts, as well as conduct outreach on park stewardship.

The group will officially launch next Saturday, Feb. 26, in an event supported by themayor’s office, Supervisor Malia Cohen, among others. Then they will take up trash bags and scrub brushes for some community park cleanups in March and April.

The three highest priority parks will be Hilltop Park, Hunters Point Youth Park, and Gillman Park.
These parks are in such bad shape that they “really should have been in the 2008 bond measure” – but  in fact, none of the parks in the neighborhood were, outside of a handful of bathroom renovations.

“That’s why the group really started, is to push the agenda of the parks in the Bayview. Since we have the most kids in our neighborhood, we need our parks to be safe, clean and usable,” Morris said.

The community kickoff will take place at 1 p.m. on Feb. 26 at the Joseph Lee Recreation Center.

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