Approval finalized for Apple’s Union Square store

Apple’s planned Union Square flagship store was finally allowed to proceed Tuesday after much debate and hand-wringing.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the project March 4, and its action was finalized this week.

For some time Apple’s plans have been critiqued and debated, from the store’s boxy design to its impacts on a nearby fountain. Even the Planning Commission, which often is unanimous in its recommendations, had a heated final hearing over the project.

Nonetheless, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, who at Mayor Ed Lee’s request wrote the code change that allowed the project to move forward, was able to finally get the revision passed.

Before the project vote March 4, Chiu spoke to his fellow supervisors about overcoming issues related to the Ruth Asawa fountain, as well as concerns some labor groups had raised over Apple’s dealings with them.

“This was heading to a very contentious space. A lot of us were worried that it would turn into a real fight,” said Supervisor Scott Wiener, expressing appreciation of Chiu’s work. “This is going to be a really terrific addition to Union Square.”

The new Apple store will be located on the corner of Stockton and Post streets on the site of the former Levi’s store.

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