The latest round of IPOs expected this year could rival the period when companies like Twitter and Facebook went public….

Last week an article came out in The New York Times titled “Thousands of New Millionaires Are About to Eat San Francisco Alive”. In it Nellie Bowles discusses how several large tech companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnb, Slack, and others plan to go public this year, making millionaires out of thousands employed by them.

The effect of the article on those of us who are not joining the millionaire’s club was harrowing. After nearly a decade of hyper-gentrification – where too many friends and family members were displaced, landmark businesses shuttered, and the artistic community gutted – there was a collective groan of “Oh f*****ck…” The question of “How could things get any worse here,” had been answered resoundingly.

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