Activist Tony Kelly seeks rematch against Cohen for District 10 seat

Potrero Hill activist Tony Kelly filed paperwork Wednesday with the San Francisco Department of Elections to try and unseat incumbent Supervisor Malia Cohen in November, setting up a rematch of sorts for the District 10 seat.

Kelly appears to be honing in on the rising dissatisfaction some residents have with the erosion of San Francisco’s affordability.

“Too many San Franciscans face an uphill battle, especially here in District 10,” said Kelly in a statement. “Our district is part of one of the richest cities in the richest state in the richest country in the world, and yet our neighborhoods are home to the highest unemployment rates in the City, our homeowners are at risk of foreclosure, and our tenants at risk of evictions.”

Kelly ran in the crowded 2010 District 10 supervisor race where he finished second to Cohen. He is perhaps best known for establishing a theater company and for serving as president of the Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association.

Among other issues, Kelly’s campaign touts that he is a second-generation San Franciscan.

“Growing up, Tony faced more than his share of adversity: his mother died of cancer in 1979 and his father, after falling into bankruptcy, died homeless on the streets of San Francisco in 1984. Despite these difficulties, Tony excelled in school, earned a scholarship to Stanford University, and attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University,” according to the campaign.

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