2 women arrested in SF State building occupation

Two women were pepper sprayed and arrested Wednesday morning among a group of about 19 who broke into a San Francisco State University building to protest sanctions from a prior occupation.

Around 4 a.m. custodians in the Cesar Chavez Student Center called campus police because the group got inside when the building was supposed to be closed, said school spokeswoman Ellen Griffin.

Several more were outside, Griffin said.

University police arrested the two women, neither of whom was a student, cleared the building and asked for assistance from the San Francisco Police Department.

Griffin said no one else was arrested, and she was unsure of the exact charges the other two might face but they were definitely trespassing.

The protesters were gone by 5 a.m., she said.

The brief occupation was connected to another one in December, when more than 20 people were arrested after part of the group took over the university’s business building and barricaded the doors with desks and other furniture.

They had made a list of more than 20 demands online that ranged from ending “imperialist wars’’ to “that student loans be forgiven.’’

She said this morning’s incident did not disrupt classes, and she did not hear of any damage to the property inside the building.

In December, the occupation caused cancelations or relocations of several classes that officials that day said affected about 3,200 students.

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