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Why would any Jew be a Republican?

As a Jew, a loud obnoxious one at that, I’m also repeatedly flabbergasted that other Jews are Republicans.

Green Space: Stop using banned items

Government regulations can only go so far; especially, when the bans aren’t paired with enforcement.

African immigrants struggle to find place in US

Being refused simple services and then having to apologize for the imposition of our presence, “that’s part of being black,” Adoubou Traore said.

Faced with safety fears in Chinese community, Breed pins blame on Board of Supervisors

San Francisco’s Chinese community is deeply worried about crime, and Mayor London…

Union organizers were united in love and work

They devoted their lives to labor movement, beginning with organizing Head Start teachers

In traffic we become something bigger

Everything hit at once last weekend. Besides Outside Lands, the Giants were…

PG&E is holding up energy improvements in San Francisco

SFUSD’s goal may be difficult to achieve while PG&E still owns the distribution network.

Gun control: We have to start somewhere and now

The point of terrorism is to cause terror

Will the real presidential candidate for Asian Americans please show up?

Given that Andrew Yang, the first Chinese American presidential candidate, and Senator…

Trying to understand and prevent mass shootings

The Violence Project has created a database of every mass shooting since 1966.

Police stop offering one-night shelter stays to homeless after realizing ‘it doesn’t work’

One-night shelter stays that San Francisco police offer the homeless have been…

SF Chinese group promotes gun ownership after community crime scare

San Franciscans, would you believe there’s a renewed gun rights movement rooted…

The real impact of Uber and Lyft on traffic

You don’t need an independent transportation firm to know that Uber and Lyft are mucking up traffic.

The anatomy of a young man’s rage

About a year ago, I met a twenty-something man, whom I’m going to call Z, who talked to me about his rage.

Banning plastic water bottles at SFO is only a first step

We should also be talking about the water inside.

Prison Radio: Broadcasting uncensored, incarcerated voices

“We have a deep braid of tech industry and a big progressive tradition in the Bay Area,” said Jennifer Beach, co-founder of Prison Radio

Vallie Brown tops progressive challenger in District 5 supervisor campaign fundraising

New filings show Dean Preston drawing more donations from outside district

Missing the days when a writer could just be a writer

Sometimes it’s easy to do this: Sit down in front of a…

Working SFO: The long and short of it

Getting a long, profitable ride is such an anomaly, expecting more than straight meter and a tip seems kind of predatory.

Homelessness grows on SF’s sleepy west side

Ah, The Avenues. San Francisco’s sleepy suburbs, where you can’t walk two…