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Discovering presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

I like to ask people how they discovered Pete Buttigieg.

When you lose taxis, you lose a sense of wonder – and safety

When you live with a rambunctious two-year old in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, ignoring background noise is the only way to not go insane.

The death penalty does not work

Does the death penalty prevent homicides and cruel acts of violence?

Can robots do journalism?

It’s no secret that the business of media is broken.

Soaking rains a boost for salmon

The relentless rain soaking the state is great news for salmon.

Google buys Burning Man? Benioff to donate fortune to end homelessness? — an SF April Fools jokes round-up

Alright folks, announcement time: I’m dying my hair blue. OK OK, lame…

A San Francisco school where black studies start young

“I want my students to stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves,” said Gail Meadows, principal of the Meadows Livingstone School.

UPDATE: More than 900 donors and $10,000 from Benioff BOOST rival homeless shelter GoFundMe

Wealthy residents are gearing up to fight a proposed Navigation Center on Port property

Joe Alioto Veronese’s plan to run for District Attorney sunk by Peskin’s Prop. B

It’s “arrivederci!” for Joe Alioto Veronese’s run for district attorney. And he…

Remembrance of taxi rides past

Regulars come and regulars go.

Cities are failing to protect their urban canopies

Earlier this month, general contractor Webcor Builders was brought before the San Francisco Board of Appeals for illegally removing two sidewalk Sycamore trees.

While some SF officials back homegrown presidential hopeful Harris, others are feelin’ the Bern

Presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris may have developed her career in the…

Why is San Francisco encouraging people to smoke at outdoor events?

In 2005, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to ban smoking in city parks and other public spaces.

Read this article before you comment on it

I want to invent something that administers a small to medium sized electric shock every time someone comments on an article without reading it.

The business of college admissions is geared more toward parents than students

When my twins were in their sophomore year of high school, I recall attending a presentation for parents of high school children by a group of college counselors.

When getting around is more about being trendy than saving money

You can learn a lot about the current state of transportation in the ad hoc cabstand outside Public Works at 3 a.m.

Youth activists are reminiscent of the young heroes in the Harry Potter stories

Last Friday, about 2,000 San Francisco Bay Area students left school and marched down Market Street.

Spanglish Spoken Here: Josiah Luis Alderete and “the great American language”

“I love listening to the kids on Muni after school and hearing Spanglish being spoken,” said poet Josiah Luis Alderete.

Warriors Arena smoke detectors to be installed by 130-year-old company that maintains SF’s historic fire alarms

Structures in San Francisco circa 1889 bear similarities to today, but with…