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Is plant-based food always the best choice?

Curing a broken food system that’s wreaked such havoc is complicated.

Emails reveal another FBI suspect may have given Mayor Breed a gift

That payment, if completed, was not reported and may constitute an illegal gift.

The racial contours of our housing crisis

Black residents of Midtown apartments deserve ownership

SF Lives: A ‘poverty scholar’ gives visibility to homeless people

Houseless, landless and unhoused are the preferred terms of Gray-Garcia and the people she’s aligned with in the POOR Media Network.

Mayor Breed admits prior romantic relationship with Nuru, acceptance of potentially illegal gift

Mayor London Breed just came clean about Mr. Clean. In a strange…

Why millions of Californians may not get to vote in the Democratic primary

Tens of thousands of people were registered to vote incorrectly by the California DMV

City attorney subpoenas PG&E, contractors, nonprofits in Nuru corruption scandal

Herrera alleges donations funnelled to fund city programs and events

Do car-free streets hurt housing prices?

The other day I took a big dose of skepticism for a walk down the newly car-less Market Street to see what all the fuss was about

Disgraced Public Works head Nuru resigns after FBI arrest

Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru has resigned weeks after his arrest on…

What Public Works employees say about taking homeless people’s stuff

Suddenly, the Public Works department and how it treats homeless people are…

Is it time for San Francisco to start licensing bicycles?

For decades, car owners have funded large portions of the bill for road construction, maintenance, and repair

I Drive SF: Death by Airport

As much as I try to resist the urge, playing the airport is addictive.

In Brown Type: New immigration rule is shortsighted

On January 27, the Supreme Court, in a narrow 5-4 vote, gave the go-ahead to the Trump administration to implement its public charge rule

Lefty O’Doul’s charity used city contractor donations to pay for Public Works party

Nonprofit started by arrested restaurant owner at center of Mohammed Nuru public corruption scandal

Reducing the environmental impact of pet food

Pet owners, including myself, rarely consider the environmental paw-prints of our furry companions

How San Francisco’s lengthy permitting process enables corruption

Director of Public Works Mohammed Nuru and his accomplice Nick Bovis shouldn’t…

SF Lives: The changing mood of SF’s Fillmore Street

The Landmark Theatre chain was tight-lipped about The Clay’s abrupt closure

An open letter to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

As you know, the media business model is utterly broken.

Housing at San Francisco’s Union Square? Maybe the time has come

This is no fantasy scenario; it’s real…if Sand Hill properties gets its way.

Nuru fallout: FBI also searched offices of SF permit consultant connected to 555 Fulton project developer

While a veritable swarm of journalists chased down corruption charges against Public…