Mayor Breed may appear in Matrix 4

Mayor Breed may appear in Matrix 4

Mayor London Breed may soon enter the Matrix.

Multiple sources confirmed to me this week that Breed was set to appear in the film during a Thursday evening shoot in the Financial District, on Montgomery and Post.

The Matrix 4 has been shooting in San Francisco for some weeks, including a harrowing scene with helicopters actually flying near our skyscrapers downtown. Remember that particularly windy Sunday? Now it seems mayor Breed has gotten in on the fun.

Sadly, I was unable to confirm if the shoot actually took place Thursday evening. Who knows, with the busy schedule of running a city … and all of the fallout from The City’s ever-growing corruption scandal … if she was able to make it? My sources couldn’t confirm that half of the equation.

Still, they confirmed the plan was a done deal — our mayor agreed to appear in the movie, which has been shooting under the name “Project Ice Cream.”

She even had a costume fitting in her office a few weeks ago, I’m told. One source said the mayor would be playing herself, but when you have a movie like the Matrix, with surprises within surprises, it wouldn’t be a shock if her small role turned out to be something entirely different than we’d expect.

No word on if she got to hang with Keanu Reeves, but former Mayor Willie Brown said he was mighty envious, either way.

“That pisses me off, I thought I was the only (San Francisco) mayor to be in the movies!” he said to me jokingly on Friday.

Film aficionados may recall Da Mayor has appeared in The Godfather Part III (asking the mafia to … support … a judge’s candidacy), The Princess Diaries and George of the Jungle.

“I paid my dues! I still get residuals,” he said, speaking of income received for sales of those movies. Of Breed’s part in the Matrix, Brown said, “I hope ‘they’ discover her, and will at least consider modifying the Academy Awards so you can have awards for ‘bit players!’”

Breed may not net an Oscar, but maybe, like Willie, she’ll still get the residuals.

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